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By Listening to This FREE Teleseminar, you will learn...

How to become a hero to your clients by helping them have a comfortable retirement they can predict AND count on, with NO luck, skill or guesswork required.

How to help your clients take back control of their money, become their own source of financing, and reduce or eliminate the control banks and finance companies have over them.

How you could cash in on the avalanche of educated, motivated, ready-to-buy leads who KNOW they're going to be buying cash value life insurance and can't wait to get started!

And much more...!



WHO IS SID WALKER? And why should you listen to him?

  Sid is a champion of the consultative, relationship-building style of selling and self-promotion. His battle-cry is: “Your main job today is to help the client make informed decisions that feel right to the client!"


  Sid has successfully coached over 2,500 financial services reps including hundreds of the top people in the business.


  Sid is the founder of the Selling Without Wrestling Society, author of six books on topics including: interviewing to get more client commitment, how to develop the confidence to prospect for bigger clients, overcoming call reluctance and the fear of self-promotion, and how to "get on a roll" and "stay on a roll" selling financial services.





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