How to have a 90% closing ratio and an abundance of
quality referrals without being pushy or controlling!




The Bottom Line …



Success in selling financial services is largely “between your ears.”
If you’re feeling positive and confident about yourself and your interactions with prospective clients, you will do well.


“How much would you pay to feel so good about yourself
and your approach that your job felt more like fun than work?”



I’ve asked that question to many clients, and a frequent response is “$10,000.” This training is easily worth that much!

In fact, my individual coaching clients have gladly paid me many thousands of dollars in coaching fees to obtain the information that I’m now making available to you FOR HUNDREDS INSTEAD OF THOUSANDS!


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1.  .

Sid Walker’s best-selling book:

How to Double Your Sales by
Asking a Few More Questions — Making More Sales by
Helping People Get What THEY Really Want

Softcover, 124 pages
Value: $30.00




Sid Walker’s extraordinary and popular book on “how to get on a roll and stay on a roll”:

Trust Your Gut — How to Overcome the Obstacles to Greater Success and Self-fulfillment

Softcover, 168 pages
Value: $30.00




How to Get More Comfortable Asking for Referrals
by Sid Walker

“The most comprehensive, practical guide to referred-lead skill-building that I have seen.” Gary L. Simpson, CLU, ChFC; GAMA News Journal Editorial Board

PDF eBook, 87 pages
Value: $30.00




Twelve Quick and Powerful Ways to
Coach Yourself to the Next Level

Sid Walker’s collection of special reports answering the most frequently asked questions by reps on how to get to the next level in their practice.

PDF eBook, 41 pages
Value: $47.00




How to Psych Yourself Up to Prospect

Sid Walker’s collection of one-liners and phrases designed to get you fired up to make prospecting calls.

PDF eBook, 21 pages
Value: $30.00




The Prospecting Mentality — How to Overcome
Call Reluctance, Procrastination and Sleepless Nights

A big seller, Sid Walker’s CD + eBook set is considered by many to be the most profound and effective approach to overcoming call reluctance and the fear of self-promotion.

2 CDs + PDF eBook, 70 pages
Value: $90.00




Two Live Coaching Sessions

Hear Sid Walker in action as he coaches two clients to:

Sell Yourself with Power and Integrity
Overcome Call Reluctance and Fear of Self-Promotion

3 CDs, 2½ hours
Value: $60.00




How to Quickly Establish Trust,
Close 90% Without Being Pushy or Aggressive and
Have Clients Gladly Give You Referrals!

This recent teleseminar summarizes much of Sid Walker’s work. Great listening for the car.

CD + PDF eBook, 70 pages
Value: $60.00




How to Break Through Prospecting Avoidance,
Call Reluctance, and Procrastination

In this recent teleseminar, Sid Walker presents his leading-edge approaches to overcome fear and resistance to doing anything!

CD + PDF eBook, 70 pages
Value: $60.00




Sid Walker’s Sales Scripts, Checklists & Handouts including:

Telephone scripts for making initial appointments.
Checklist on how to mentally prepare for a successful sales interview.
Sample opening language to quickly establish rapport and trust.
Interview techniques to get clients excited and committed to going through your process.
Questions that get a deeper level of commitment from clients.
Simple techniques for getting more referrals.
How to answer the question “What do you do?” in a way that gets prospective client’s attention and interest.
How to approach friends.
Over 50 additional topics that will improve your skill and bottom line!

PDFs, 200+ pages
Value: $300.00


Testimonials from Industry Leader

Michael E. Slattery

Managing Director &
Wealth Mngmt. Advisor
Northwestern Mutual
Bennington, VT
Years in Business: 26


“I hit a plateau after 23 years in business. My frustration concerned me more than the income. I really needed to shake things up. Working with Sid, I learned to trust my gut. Now I focus on things that feel right to me, especially when it comes to building strong relationships with my clients. I’ve never been happier. And I’ve had tremendous increases in my business.”

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Howard Wight
President, Wight Financial
San Francisco, CA
Years in Business: 35+


"Anyone could benefit from working with Sid. It would only take one sale to recapture the investment many times over. It’s a no-lose proposition."

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DeWitt 'Clint' Gibson III

Owner, Gibson Insurance
Phoenix, AZ
Years in Business: 36


“A significant factor in my income growth is Sid’s good coaching. My education with Sid and his style is intrinsic in how I run my business.”

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Stephen R. Bolt

CEO, Faith Fin. Planners
Franklin, TN
Years in Business: 15


“Sid helps me balance my analytical side with my emotional side. A hallmark of Sid’s teaching is that it has to feel right. Working with Sid would probably feel right for just about anyone in a sales career.”

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Raymond Vendetti

Ind. Agent/Speaker/Coach
San Diego, CA
Years in Business: 25+


“Sid is serious when he talks about closing 90% of your calls—and this can start to happen immediately. When you make strong connections with prospects, your closing ratio soars. When you follow the skills that Sid teaches, you can become a skilled interviewer and actually double your sales.”

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The Price...

You get:

4 LIVE Sales Training Sessions, 90 minutes each (6 hours of sales training).
8 hours of LIVE Q&A/Coaching time with Sid Walker.
14 hours total of teleseminar training and coaching time.
$700 of FREE enrollment bonuses for only...



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REMEMBER, make just ONE sale as a result of the
Selling Without Wrestling training and it pays for itself!
From that point on, all the additional money you make goes right into your pocket!


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My No-Risk Guarantee

Sid Walker’s Selling Without Wrestling™ Sales Training Teleseminar comes with a 30-day unconditional satisfaction guarantee. Go through the 4 modules and learn all the secrets I know about Selling Without Wrestling over the course of 30 days. If you are not satisfied for any reason, contact me and I’ll send you a refund.

I’m confident you’ll get great value from the Selling Without Wrestling™ Sales Training Teleseminar. I’ll extend the guarantee to one year if you meet the following condition: Go through the material, listen to the teleseminars, and make an honest effort at actually using the language and techniques presented with your clients. If you do, I will guarantee you will get ten times the value of what you paid for the course over the next year. If not, return the program with a note about what you tried. I’ll still send you a refund. You have absolutely no risk!




Dear Sales Professional,


Sidney C. Walker
Sales Performance Coach Extraordinaire to thousands of successful sales people and author of six books including "How to Double Your Sales by Asking a Few More Questions," "Trust Your Gut," and "The Prospecting Mentality."


I have one question for you:

“What could YOU accomplish
if there was nothing holding you back?”


You can’t lose with this deal! But you could miss out on a lot more than you realize if you don’t try this training. If you’ve been frustrated with Client-Controller sales techniques—and know you’re ready to earn more and have more fun—this sales training is the answer for you.


You have nothing to risk and everything to gain.


I hope you’ll join me, and thousands of reps just like you, and learn to start Selling Without Wrestling!

Kind regards,

Sidney C. Walker
Client Acquisition Coach


How to have a 90% closing ratio and an abundance of
quality referrals without being pushy or controlling!


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25 key sales skills!


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