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Kris Gulbran
Registered Representative
New York Life
Bellevue, WA
Years in Business: 20

"Good people can be winners in this business. You can act out of a sense of honesty and integrity, be successful, and get to a much higher level with your clients instead of just peddling products. Sid has helped me approach my clients from a basis of honesty and integrity, not a sales persona.

Through his process of identifying core values, Sid has helped me bring my business from a mid-5-figure income to a mid-6-figure income. His coaching has allowed me to become a lot more engaged in the lives of my clients. Iíve been consistently in the Chairmanís Council with the top 250 agents for past 8 consecutive years, and my goal is to reach the top 100.

If youíre struggling in the business, Sid can help you crystallize your objectives. Heíll help you reach your goals and address these issues in a productive, honest way."


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